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    Kami mencari Freelancer Database Specialist yang memiliki ekspertis Microsoft SQL Server serta berpengalaman dalam melakukan pekerjaan sbb: 1. Evaluasi seluruh permasalahan yang terjadi pada lingkup DB termasuk kinerja, pengaturan, jaringan dan keamanannya. 2. Membuat skrip skenario dan laporan terhadap pengujian beban pada DB Server, 3. Memberikan solusi serta alternative dalam memilih perang...

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    Kami mencari Freelancer Web Server Specialist yang memiliki ekpertis MS Windows Server 2016 IIS (Internet Information Services) dan NginX serta berpengalaman dalam melakukan pekerjaan sbb: 1. Evaluasi keseluruhan terhadap kinerja seluruh aplikasi web. 2. Membuat skrip skenario dan laporan terhadap pengujian beban pada Web Server. 3. Memberikan solusi serta alternative dalam memilih perangkat pe...

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    Homepage Company Profile Content is available to send feedback or demo / presentation requests Page layout cannot scroll (for web base) Examples of layouts are in the file that is included It is expected to be given several alternative designs with interesting themes Program language using PHP

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    Profil Perusahaan PPOB [login untuk melihat URL] CITRA KONEKSINDO COMPANY Joint By BRI Syariah PT. GRAHAMAS CITRA KONEKSINDO, adalah sebuah perusahaan berskala Nasional yang berdiri di Jakarta, Indonesia. Dan selalu ber Inovatif di dalam mengembangkan Bisnis ,Baik dibidang Perdagangan Dan Jasa, Pada awal perkembangannya, perusahaan kami untuk turut serta dalam membangun Indonesia Pasca...

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    make music Berakhir left

    Project ini,adalah membuat sebuah komposisi lagu dengan genre alternative dan ditambah sound Dj , Nada dasar lagu ini "D" dengan tempo 170 durasi 4.10 detik,saya menginginkan lagu tersebut dibuat seperti : band dengan genre alternative ,baik dari sound gitar,drum,Bass,keyboard,DJ ,Loop dan lainnya. Untuk gambaran musik seperti : Linkin Park atau lainnya. Untuk pembuatan musik tersebut ...

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    bekerja dengan teraratur dan tertip menagani situasi rumit.... fax: 085255689040..... alternative fax :082394522006

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    Hi, I would like to make you all understand, that a plane crash can cost thousands of lives, in case of an engine failure. We must find an alternative regarding this, so that no plane crashes can happen in the future. Can we really add some parachuting technology to the airplanes so that even if the engine fails, with the help of high level of parachutes on the planes, the plane can still fly and...

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    Trophy icon Design healthcare business logo 13 Hari left

    Podiatry Clinic requiring new logo. Business name is PROCARE PODIATRY. ProCare Podiatry. (podiatrist provide health care and medical services for all conditions of foot and lower leg). Like an image of a foot or foot skeleton in the logo, but open to creative ideas. Location of current practice is the suburb of INGLE FARM. if suburb is included in logo would like to be able to change to alternativ...

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    Ayurveda writers 6 Hari left

    My business partner and I are seeking a doctor to support us in writing Ayurvedic treatment plans for our patients. The suitable candidate must have experience in writing about medicine (both conventional and alternative). The treatment plans are to be used by a medically trained doctor who is also an Ayurvedic practitioner and therefore must be of an extremely high quality. We are seeking someone...

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    We are a small non-profit organization. We have built a facebook alternative that does not sell or share our subscribers' data. Our objective is to provide a social platform (web and mobile) where people can organize, and act together to improve the quality and dignity of their lives, their families, their communities through education, information, and effective action. We are not seeking a...

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    Hi, We are looking for a service or customisation within Exchange that interrogates the content of emails received from particular addresses and appends the subject field, depending on the result. The SQL Server side is relatively straight forward. The email will contain a fixed string ("RecordID: "), followed by a string which is 8 alphanumeric characters, then a "-" (dash) ...

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    Want a tailor 6 Hari left

    I am looking for a tailor who can do tailoring job for me whenever needed. It's going to be only 4 hrs job daily or alternative days.

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    NOTE: Reference code is already available for some aspects of the 'List' file, and the Stacks component and can be communicated through the chat thread, which will reduce the total work and time needed. Project requires code that presents the displays shown in the attached images. Clicking on a hotel name/listing in 'List' should take the user to the corresponding 'Detai...

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    Seeking Regional Business Development managers across the Middle East to help grow our business in these regions through partner and customer acquisition. Some of the responsibilities include: - Identifies trendsetter ideas by researching industry and related events, publications, and announcements; tracking individual contributors and their accomplishments. - Locates or proposes potential busin...

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    Logo rebranding for my bakery business Sweet Cheeks Sweet Boutique. I make custom cupcakes and treats. See my IG page (the_sweet_cheekz) for inspiration. I want to keep the pink color in my current logo unless you have an alternative. I need a beautiful professional eye catching logo.

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    A talented graphic designer is required to create four compelling/aesthetic interactive business service brochures. Tasks required: 1. Interactive brochure #1 approximately 20-24 pages. 2. Interactive brochure #2 approximately 12-16 pages. 3. Interactive brochure #3 approximately 4 pages. 4. Interactive brochure #4 approximately 4 pages. 5. All brochures must be designed to A4 size and landscape ...

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    Stay Home Doc is a minority owned Tele Health benefit company. Stay Home Doc's affordable benefits packages are not a replacement, but are designed to compliment already existing insurance coverage.  This will be a great perk for employees, because the packages can be customized to include essential benefits that may not already be included in their insurance plans. In add...

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    8 penawaran

    A talented graphic designer/video editor/animator is required to create compelling, aesthetic video, graphical and animation content for a website. Tasks required: 1. Adding animation elements to a logo ( 3 options ) 2. 25 no. high definition and compressed full width splash videos are to be created including motion graphics, transitions and overlay effects based upon the theme/content of the...

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    We have a very short c++ code that uses std::function and we need to use an alternative to std::function and also pass Google Test.

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    Gig Requirements: The project is to write nine (9) short (125-300 word) entertaining, witty, even a bit humorous, article blog posts about assigned 'alternative' AltP0rn photo set updates, galleries, video clips and/or livestreams, with your own personality and charm. This involves formatting the post in Wordpress and uploading a couple sample images for each post. You should know what ...

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    We have about 4000 orders from aliexpress. each order has a lot of emails referred to by its order number. we want to import these emails into some database or trouble ticket system where we can review its history. Identify specific emails with events tags like Purchased, Shipped, Delivered. add to this information from a tracking service like The system will need to have asear...

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    We are an integrated telemedicine establishment with operations in Africa and rapidly expanding to other countries. We need Acturist in the insurance industry to help us with our insurance modelling. The preferred candidate is a business professional who deals with the measurement and management of risk and uncertainty and knows how to create a health insurance system. The candidate will design, t...

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    I'm trying to create a free (windows server 2016) amazon ec2 instance but need the instance to be a 20 gig volume / storage. For some reason I can create a 30 gig instance easily, but when I try to create a new 20 gig Windows instance, I get an error such as: "Volume of size 20GB is smaller than snapshot 'snap-05ta13e7uha3ba6f', expect size >= 30GB. Launching EC2 instance...

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    [login untuk melihat URL] on GCP Demo I would like to see your solution of [login untuk melihat URL] deployed on GCP. I have managed to do it using the standard app engine environment. - What is your alternative? - How did you connect to the cloudSQL database? - What is your config file? - Quick demo of your source code, deployment method - Question & Answer Session

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    MBA assistant 5 Hari left

    I’m looking for someone that graduated college and received their MBA to be my right hand in running my businesses and investments. Must be completely fluent in English and able to write detailed emails.

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    8 penawaran

    I want to insert questions with alternatives on top of a video at certain times. When the user marks an alternative, it must be indicated if it was correct or not, along with a message next to it. Validation of the correct alternative can only be done at the frontend level, as a list of elements with some additional attribute, such as: <li data-ok = "yes"> <li data-ok = "...

    $421 (Avg Bid)
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    7 penawaran

    Will provide a template of video, Need a website which will allow user to put a text, logo, address, on the template and download the video. You can use ffmpeg or python moviepy or any alternative. Example of the product is in the attachment, It need to have3 designated fields to insert custom text like (Logo, Name, Email, Phone No., website etc). The video templates will be developed according to...

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    6 penawaran

    Looking for a logo for a fitness brand Phyto Fitness This will be a personal trainer/fitness coach that focuses on a more plant based diet than typically. I'd like the logo to hint at that idea without shouting it. I'd like it to be quite clean modern and minimalist. The colours are green and black. I like hex #14ff000 for the green but don't know if it is too bright and would be op...

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    54 penawaran

    I am in need of an illustrator that can illustrate in a fusion of the samples below. The Story: The setting is an alternative "Wonderland" where it resembles the 1950's era, but with some unique "Wonderland" elements. In showcases Mad Hatter (from Alices' Adventures in Wonderland) as an infant to teenager before he goes berserk crazy in a singing competition. Al...

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    45 penawaran

    The app is 2 pages (+ login page) Page one: Dial pad showing the credit and the cost per min and remaining minutes + control the call when the user exceed the limit page two: Option for the users to buy credit ( in app purchase ) Spin number from 000 to 999 and the user have 200 daily attempts after he got his lucky number he need to watch a video ad for the credit to be added ( hint we need...

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    14 penawaran

    The app is 2 pages (+ login page) Page one: Dial pad showing the credit and the cost per min and remaining minutes + control the call when the user exceed the limit page two: Option for the users to buy credit ( in app purchase ) Spin number from 000 to 999 and the user have 200 daily attempts after he got his lucky number he need to watch a video ad for the credit to be added ( hint we need ...

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    32 penawaran

    I need some help with my business.

    $510 (Avg Bid)
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    8 penawaran

    We are looking for a copywriter to prepare texts about 90+ blood markers (like glucose, albumin and etc). Texts should provide the following information: name of the marker and its alternative names, definition, function in the body and conditions associated with changes in levels of that particular marker. Conditions should have links to reputable resources (WebMed, LTD, peer-review publications....

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    21 penawaran

    I am embarking upon a research proposal for a qualitative study to study the effects of Complementary and Alternative Medication (CAM) in a nursing home. I require a Statistician to assist me in providing a power analysis on a study sample size. Thank you.

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    17 penawaran

    We need help to make our online portfolio. (homepage, about us, contact, pricelist). Thinking about wordpress because this is cheap. We have the images and text ready. Open for alternative website hosts.

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    Write a book for me 4 Hari left

    Can you write a book for me? I will provide content and can speak to you on the phone to give you the background on all the chapters. The book is about investment and property. You need to have some background or experience in how investments work, and how property development generally works.

    $30 (Avg Bid)
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    22 penawaran

    I am looking for an individual who has extensive knowledge on photoshopping and creating a creative alternative picture of a given picture. Create two photo designing be creative of 2 products atleast 5 -6 pictures for each product. Original pictures will be provided This item will be selling on online platforms like ebay, Amazon, shopify so the photo needs to look very apealing.

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    20 penawaran
    e-book writer 4 Hari left

    To ghostwrite an e-book on the following: Title: Education in the New Normal (How to continue Schooling in a Pandemic) Chapter 1: Say Goodbye to the Old School (Why the old school need to discontinue) Chapter 2: Alternative Delivery Mode in Learning (Types of Learning Modalities) - Online Learning - Modular - Home Schooling - Blended Modality Chapter 3: The Parents Role (Becoming the Teacher&rsq...

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    26 penawaran
    Trophy icon Design a Template for Nature Memes 4 Hari left

    Hi there, we need a new template design for nature memes. I have attached you a few example images, so you can get a first idea of what we need. Other cool designs include: With the right image: [login untuk melihat URL] Minimalist design: [login untuk melihat URL] The quotation marks and the square frame around the text is cool: [login untuk melihat URL] Specifications: Text shou...

    $13 (Avg Bid)
    24 entri

    Financial advisor needing a telemarketer. The focus will be on investment and retirement planning but the practice can assist with all financial planning elements from investments to long term insurance. Must be versatile.

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    18 penawaran

    For a new bussiness idea we need a PP-Presentation to convince the banks or investors. Research for the lightning industry in China. how the business idea should work (strategy) Who the business idea is aimed at (target group) where the opportunities and risks lie (SWOT analysis) and whether your business idea is worth it at all (financial section) For the financial Sales planni...

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    41 penawaran

    What combination of HOSTING and WordPress PLUGINS will best achieve the following project requirements: 1. webpage (desktop / laptop / tablet / mobile) Australian user experience 2. user has choice of Causes (e.g. Save Kangaroos, Save Emus, Save Koalas etc) 3. user can register sign-up information for a Cause via (a) social media or (b) email and p/word (with email activation); then be di...

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    Data Visualization 3 Hari left

    Hello! We have a data visualization project we need some assistance on. We have a finished report we would like alternative options to display the data and results per region and rep detail.

    $30 (Avg Bid)
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    31 penawaran

    1. Create a minimal logo. Use modern geometric fonts non-serif fonts. Work with a minimal color pallette. Logo for a bathroom designer. Must feel very exclusive and premium. 2. Create a serif-font alternative that expells a more luxurious feeling. The current logo needs an entire overhaul. It looks old, amateuristic and unprofessional as this client delivers very high quality and detailed wor...

    $152 (Avg Bid)
    141 entri

    Its to urgent WEBSITE & Mobile Application Development Programming & Development Apps & Mobile • Android Development • Data Management • GPS • Web Development • Mobile Development • Responsive Web Design • App & Mobile Programming Application (web & mobile) for geolocation and visualization of data on dashboard Objective: ensure the coord...

    $493 (Avg Bid)
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    4 penawaran

    We are a retailer with an online store selling health, food, organic and alternative consumer products which are widely available in the market and not exclusive to me or manufactured by my business. My Weebly online store has 611 products (some with variations, e.g. size, flavours, etc) bringing the total to 913 individual items. I'm looking for someone to: 1- Add product descriptions i...

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    34 penawaran

    Platform for investments, installed theme need corrections and customizing. Website exists.

    $148 (Avg Bid)
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    37 penawaran

    I need to perform Fuzzy Search on bulk list of transactions data. Previously used Ms Excel Fuzzy search, is good but is not good for bulk data etc. 300,000+ transactions. Bit about data, its a SAP generated file, in bulk quantity (min 300k to 1mln transactions) with 29 columns and in a table form. Mainly contains date payments, dates, vendor name etc. i have to perform the Fuzzy search on a uni...

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    17 penawaran
    financial function 2 Hari left

    Write an alternative function can replace the original function, this is a function of financial stress

    $55 (Avg Bid)
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    7 penawaran

    DYNAMIC AUDIO OUTPUT OPTIONS PROJECT We manufacture and market ‘Music Servers’. The music servers are Fedora Linux computers that are run headless as a digital music source in stereo systems. The music servers use ‘setup’ software that users access by browsing to the music server on their local network. The existing setup software is supplied to us and is not well docum...

    $476 (Avg Bid)
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