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    12 Articles written Berakhir left the world. 10 amazing things discovered in 2016. 10 Major Things about our universe. 10 Major news reports in 2016. 10 shocking crimes. 10 reasons why there could be Aliens. 10 Advanced military weapons. 10 futuristic gadgets coming out. 10 Strange Supernatural experience. 10 Strange archaeology discovery. 10 Near Death experience. 10 conspiracy

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    ...before submission. *edited* changed to just deliver any 11 expressions (as in the document) will do. To join contest only required 5 expressions. please avoid drawing aliens/animals. prefer to have cute looking robot like this website: [login untuk melihat URL] Other cute robot reference (high tech looking) [login untuk melihat URL]

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    ...Think intellectual Doctor Who stories where the character uses his/her mind to solve a problem. * Always set in the future, at least 100 years hence. * Always some kind of aliens are present, usually friendly. * The more alien the environment, the better. Stretch people's minds with your concepts! Nothing mainstream or easy SF. * PG 13. No sex, swearing

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Berakhir left

    ...starting a kids educational camp and my company's name if Flinkerz Academy. I want the word Flinkers to have a different color and the letter (I) to have two antenna's like aliens or minecraft since the camp will include coding, or make a cloud come out from the letter (I)b or if u have better ideas to match a technology camp The feeling of the logo

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    ...e-Mortalis-Set I have 3 aesthetics I want to create elements for. - One is a bio-ship interior. Something similar to the Tyranid aesthetic from 40k, Geiger’s work for Aliens or Zerg from starcraft. - One is a space elf look with the Eldar aesthetic from 40k or Protoss from Starcraft. - The last is an infested technology look akin to daemonic

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    ...The suit is supposed to be agile yet robust. I'm looking for a similar style as Halo, Mass effect and Doom(2016) multiplayer suits. I also need some alien creatures. The aliens in the game is a highly intelligent and are using very advanced tech. Some of them are highly synthetic while other are organic with an armor suit. I require some back and

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    Find an Accountant Berakhir left

    ...Number (EFIN) for use by a firm in "its business-related group" if the firm cannot obtain an EFIN because its Principals and/or Responsible Officials are not U. S. citizens or aliens lawfully admitted for permanent residence as described in 8 U.S.C. §1101(a)(20). The term "business-related group" applies to brother-sister firms, subsidiaries, franchises

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    ...designed and built. I'm looking for a programmer in the United States no scammers to develop an app game that's as to do with an astronaut hunter where the player goes and hunts aliens in space by trying to stop them from entering earth with the ability to upgrade weapons with in app purchases to get a more targeted blast to kill a great more of them at one

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    ...1, and should be visible in context in phases 2 and 3. I'm very happy to accept your creativity as long as it is rooted in the "real" solar system as we know it - so no aliens or spaceships, and realism graphics as opposed to cartoon graphics. The view of earth could potentially feature satellites. The lyrics, by Carl Sagan, will likely inspire

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    ...Transportation; Space Exploration; Home Appliances; Sex; People; Jobs; Objects; Networking; Mail; Money; Nursery; Food; Robots; Animals; Pets; Babies; Monster; Aliens; Beach; Camping; Photography and Film; Car dashboard signs; E-commerce; User Interface; Buildings and Structures; Security; Places of Interest; Love; Water; Fire;

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    We are looking for someone that can create a re...outline with the detail and style of the other attached images. Once we have a concept of what the male and female look like we would then require 50 additional images of the aliens you create doing wacky things. Fighting over food, shocking themselves playing with something they should not, and so on.

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    nothing Berakhir left

    ...and radio frequency's for all that hear it around you. (Also on a side note the roommate I had at the time was a former meth user I found out and under the belief that aliens were real and he had smoked pot with one so I was more then happy to leave.) The cops and doctors will always wait to get involved especially if said

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    $30 - $250
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    I am looking for a Laravel developer developer to work on some new projects. Please respond with hourly rate, or weekly rate. To confirm ...for a Laravel developer developer to work on some new projects. Please respond with hourly rate, or weekly rate. To confirm you read this description please respond with ALIENS and your Laravel experience.

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    ...your dr knucklebone with various upgrades to make him stronger and more effective against fighting off the forces of evil!: get a stylish pair of sunglasses on to show those aliens what laser beam-eyed floating skeleton head they're dealing with! Get your suave on and equip a tie, helmet or trail to increase various stats such as speed and defense!

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    I am looking for someone to create a cartoony yet realistic rodent known as a gremlin. My company plans to feature 50 images of them on the pages of our first scifi rule book. These characters should be comical, a sort of a play on goblins from fantasy settings. They are 4 armed smart little creatures who lack formal language yet just so happen to be the most prolific species in the galaxy. Th...

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    Have you been interested in the topic of UFOs and aliens? Do you think there may actually be aliens "walking among us" as some investigative researchers and witnesses claim? Have aliens already made contact with Earth that elites have sought to conceal from humanity? Where is the latest sighting of a UFO - what did witnesses report? You can now

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    Digital paintings for website and marketing purposes. 5 sci-fi Characters (Humans and aliens) and 4 full scale detailed fantasy backgrounds for website pages for my upcoming novel.

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    ...Jones feel for a gameboard, including box art, card art, possible promotional material (banners, posters, t-shirts). Different cards will have different captains, monsters/aliens, crew-members, gear, space ships, weapons, all getting that retro feel, preferably black and white. Think atom age, very dramatic, pulp, and over the top! Prefer someone close

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    Ruskin my RPG iOS game I want you design all graphic assets. I want the app to be in/outter space graphic with aliens. I want icons and Screenshots for iTunes with stunning design more than example The icon will be used on the App Store and must be in the JPG or PNG format, with a minimum resolution of at least 72 DPI, and in the RGB color

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    ...example [login untuk melihat URL] I want to change that backgrounds to space concept. some satellites, moon or planet surface , earth , aliens, some spacecrafts, planets, trees and level road , space items etc. I want 3 backgrounds like in attachment. I will ignore and block copy/paste bids. I will ignore outsourcers

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    I am looking to create a...your family. The next level is to save your local community from zombies. use the angels powers to save your community from zombies The next level is to save the world from aliens. Throughtout the game, you will have to learn about 50 different angels, like the angel of Michael, angel of Samuel, angel of Raphael, etc....

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    Trophy icon Uncovered Forums - Logo Contest Berakhir left

    Uncovered Forums is an upcoming mystery/myth community. We cover a variety of topics including aliens, unsolved crimes, ghosts, and more. The website is in development and we need an awesome logo to start. $10 and ability to showcase the logo for the winner. Thank you to everyone that enters and hope to see you on our community! [login untuk melihat URL]

    $10 (Avg Bid)
    6 entri

    ...and narrative designing experience. Currently I have written a 2,5D pirate interactive game. It will be a game about galaxy pirates. There will be 3 character races - 2 of aliens and 1 of humans. There will also be naval soldier characters and pirate characters. Characters will stay 2D, and the ships will be 3D. It is a strategy game. We will make it

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    1 penawaran

    ...for android game with a protagonist, and nine other characters with similar to those of the anime series Bleach graphics in terms of weapons , but with a different theme ( Aliens that look human ) . The idea is to create movement for each of the characters in 2D, such as GBA Zelda graphics , RPG, all 2D. All this is for a demo in Playstore, then be

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    ...and narrative designing experience. Currently I have written a 2,5D pirate interactive game. It will be a game about galaxy pirates. There will be 3 character races - 2 of aliens and 1 of humans. There will also be naval soldier characters and pirate characters. Characters will stay 2D, and the ships will be 3D. It is a strategy game. We will make it

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    15 penawaran

    I would like to get a mobile game designed , design only i will do all my coding myself Game 1: Burger Invasion will be a game about a aliens trying to take over the planet and a boy that works at a fast food place trys to save the world. I have seen a few people try this before but they did not do it right i think i can make this a good game

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    12 penawaran

    Hello, I need a game created similar to the basic space invaders game. I just need the aliens replaced with balloons that fire little balloons downwards. And the ship replaced with simple design I have. I am on a limited budget for this project but will have more work for you after this. Thank you.

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    18 penawaran

    more spacious apartments

    min $38448
    min $38448
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    I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designe...built. i have people that will promote my app i just need someone that will design it and develop it. my qpp would be called rednecks vs aliens and the people in there house need to defend themselves from waves of aliens they have health and your able to upgrade defense and guns and bombs and such.

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    17 penawaran
    Trophy icon Javascript, CSS, HTML Control Design Berakhir left

    ...have a contest to see who can come up with the best creative idea that only involves JavaScript, CSS, and Html. It could be an innovative app like an email system that calls aliens :), (Only UI functions. No Actual backend work. Any needed data can just be static), calendar, maybe a simple game like hangman, maybe a new take on current controls, a template

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    Bergaransi Kontes Teratas
    19 entri

    Research paper on , How did the designations "aliens ineligible for citizenship" and the "yellow peril" negatively affect Asian Americans in the years prior to 1952? It should be 7-9 pages with minimum of 5 academic sources. (APA formatting)

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    12 penawaran game in the Playstore - [login untuk melihat URL] The game is based on the classic Lemmings game but with Aliens that can change Shape. I would like to hire an artist to redesign the very simple Sprites, possibly with some animation. There are around 20 very basic game sprites

    $93 (Avg Bid)
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    8 penawaran

    ...several art work ideas for t-shirts I will need to be drawn up for my company Third Kind Clothing Co. A creative mind in the world of Sci - Fi is preferred as the artwork is aliens, ufo, planets, space etc. All ideas I have atm are originally mine so I would love someone to put there own edge on it aswell. A Company logo will also need to be created

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    38 penawaran
    Write a SciFi Novel Berakhir left

    I am looking for a native English writer for a military scifi novel settled in the future where humanity is attacked by aliens, battles take place in space. Story should be around 60,000 words. I have a short plot in mind but the writing will be up to you so you will still have a lot of creative freedom. - This MUST be unique content and a unique

    $787 (Avg Bid)
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    11 penawaran

    ...Geschichten sind Frauen, so dass Stil und Ton der Kurzgeschichten auf diese Zielgruppe entsprechend ausgerichtet sein sollte. Erotik-Unterkategorie: Paranormal (Vampir, Werwolf, Aliens, Formwandler) und Militär. Ich lege Wert auf eine langfristige Zusammenarbeit, sodass die Geschichten wirklich ansprechend, unterhaltend und erotisch sein sollten, ohne

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    2 penawaran

    ...[login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL] [login untuk melihat URL] I will deliver the scripts and access to (most) of the content. I will work in batches of 10 clips each. Could you give a price

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    1 penawaran

    ...Dreamscapers. They travel through all of the planets of our solar system to get to Mercury to destroy a super weapon that will destroy Neptune. But it is a distraction for the aliens called the Hybrids to invade Earth. It has action, adventure, mystery, suspense, everything for a great story. For further detail contact me by email or call/text if needed

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    21 penawaran

    ...The theme of my writing project is the Alternity Roleplaying Game, in the theme of science-fiction "space opera," previously published by TSR in the 1990s. It is long out of print but the internet has captured a good deal of the product's visual style. I am not seeking a a direct copycat to the original artists, only an homage to the original moods and

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    38 penawaran
    Trophy icon Logo Concept needed Berakhir left

    App: grumpy aliens Description: When expats live in a country long enough they tend to become grumpy. This is why grumpy expat is a global phenomenon. Here in Korea expats can be called aliens as they carry the alien registration cards. Thats why we came up with the grumpy aliens app for the foreigners in Korea. We are looking for a logo to creatively

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    46 entri

    I need a developer who will solely work with me for a week to get this job done. Looking for a developer who has worked with Amazon We...AJAX, PHP, MYSQL, jQUERY , WORDPRESS PLUGINs and our API created to book appointments. I need a quick and efficient worker who can get the job done quick. PLEASE RESPOND 'ALIENS' so that I know you read this.

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    Bandana Aliens Berakhir left

    I need this photo, but instead of the Beatles I would like it to be Aliens photoshopped in.

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    10 penawaran

    I need a TeeSpring T-Shirt design similar to the attached image. The difference is that instead of the Beatles walking through the crosswalk I want it to be Aliens.

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    Design a T-Shirt Berakhir left

    I need a design done for a TeeSpring shirt. The theme of the design will be "Illegal Alien" and will feature 3 Aliens wearing Sombreros and in Mexican attire. If the job is done well, I will also need 4 more shirts done with different ideas. I attached a photo similar to what I want. Be creative!

    $28 (Avg Bid)
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    26 penawaran
    Create a Video Berakhir left

    I want make 3d animated TV series I am concept artist. I make aliens

    $555 (Avg Bid)
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    2 penawaran

    ...Immigration system 3. You not copy and Paste if you really care. and must be professional writter or a Teacher Long report the topic: “Employment and taxation for Illegal Aliens in United States of America”. you must use Either MLA or APA format correcly Please do not Bid in this project if you have not done this Before, any copy/paste on my hand

    $129 (Avg Bid)
    $129 Rata-rata
    4 penawaran
    Trophy icon Illustrate Something Berakhir left

    I need an original illustration for a book cover. It can be an animal-like creature, or a plant-like creature, something that might be encountered on another planet. (I'm not looking for generic "martian" humanoid aliens.) I'm looking for something that will be distinctive enough and interesting enough to attract attention to a book cover.

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    27 entri

    I would like to have writer's put together a series of stories featuring a creepy, and eerie story of how Ridley Scott's "Aliens" slowly invade through the crevices of Disneyworld's Park and begin turning America's Favorite Park into a Apocalyptic War Zone that sets the stage for a Predator vs Alien showdown at Happy Kingdom.

    $39 (Avg Bid)
    $39 Rata-rata
    14 penawaran

    I would like to have writer's put together a series of stories featuring a creepy, and eerie story of how Ridley Scott's "Aliens" slowly invade through the crevices of Disneyworld's Park and begin turning America's Favorite Park into a Apocalyptic War Zone that sets the stage for a Predator vs Alien showdown at Happy Kingdom.

    $39 (Avg Bid)
    $39 Rata-rata
    6 penawaran

    Create a YouTube video for a song about Aliens that will capture the interest of children in the 5 to 12 year old age bracket. Potential for another space song YouTube Clip if project is completed to expectation.

    $41 (Avg Bid)
    $41 Rata-rata
    1 penawaran

    ... I will pay you ¢10 (10 cents) per title....... It could add up to a lot of money. 10 titles will earn you a $1 I Have a Blog with unique Top 10 posts. Our Business model is writing Top 10 Posts that nobody has. The titles we create are catchy, controversial, interesting and CLEAN (we don't use Profanity, Politics, Pop Culture, Religion or Adult

    $21 (Avg Bid)
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    15 penawaran