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    Ini proyek langkah pertama untuk memperkenalkan sebuah jasa ad agency baru, karenanya akan secara konsisten membuat & merilis print ad tentang: Identitas jasa ini sendiri, kelebihannya, dan brand yang akan kita promokan untuk portfolio. dengan kualitas print ad professional. Jasa ini sudah memiliki copywriter visioner dan berpengalaman memegang klien besar, dan membutuhkan designer untuk ...

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    fer786233333 10 jam left

    ocupo hacer fotoshop para crear una foto al lado de una persona que no conozco

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    Necesito de un modelo de sketchup sacar al menos dos vistas de la fachada que es una torre, ambientadas con vegetación, cielo, esas cosas, he sacado ya algunas escenas de Sketchup pero para hacer las laminas que he visto se necesita conocimiento en fotoshop, no requiero toda una lamina de arquitectura solo esas dos imágenes ambientadas. +++Por ejemplo necesitaría unos dos gr&a...

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    I need a referral system for hiring sales agents as a section on the landing page ( for explication) and a sign-up page in the dashboard with refferal link and code. The user will be able to sign up, and in the dashboard will have a section where he can : step 1 : download sales guide step 2 : request form sent to admin for approval step 3 : refferal link and code that receives 10% of sales and ...

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    Necesito a alguien para editar fotografías de joyas. Las queremos para subir a la web y que puedan ver el product para comprarlo. Están hecha de forma profesional con un objetivo macro y una caja blanca con focos. Necesitaríamos poner el fondo blanco y mejorar el tono de la joya ligeramente para hacerla más real y atractiva. También, eliminar la pequeña ...

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    I need an expert in Windows API (NOT MFC) and C++. Only expects please !!!! I want you to find the window which has a title "ABCDE" , search for the drop box (name : "picker") and change its width. Budget 100$

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    We're wanting to build a PHP Generator that reads the classes, and IDs and selectors used on-page and remove all CSS not used. We want this custom made, please do not use a library or someone else's attempt at this. How it works: Reads a CSS file, reads the HTML, Detects the dom elements on page and recompiles the CSS into a new file. Example HTML <div id="pricing" class=...

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    Olá Malta! Somos uma start-up e-commerce de moda e buscamos um jovem profissional em Lisboa para nos ajudar a fotografar nossos produtos. Já temos o conceito e o cenário. Você precisa trazer sua câmera, seu bom humor e ter noções de fotoshop! Temos aproximadamente 50 produtos. O ideal seria entre 4 a 5 fotos de cada SKU. Não hesite em nos env...

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    I have 100 pages of file for covert into word file.

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    Produkt design -- 2 Berakhir left

    Ich benötige jemanden, der Dinge wie zum Beispiel Tiere auf Fotoshop ausschneiden und mit einem Filter versehen kann. Gegebenenfalls eine Sprechblase mit Veränderbarem Text hinzufügen.

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    quick fotoshop Berakhir left

    moving a couple of images about and a few cuts and replaced movements

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    We are making an interface to interact with a prioprietary database called KDB. We want to test all aspects of that interface against test kdb code. We would like a third party (yourself) to write those tests to ensure we can meet an independently set specification. The overall task will be much larger and complicated but initially we would like: Java unit tests for the functions: abs, acos, all...

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    MONTHLY PROJECT ONGOING .............. I have a small site with cartoon images. I look to do 50 -100 new cartoons monthly... [login untuk melihat URL] next several categories Dentists Pharmacists and drugs ( legal ) IRS Accountants / Bookkeeping Factory - Safety Most cartoons are one or two characters with a "prop" or setup line description Character 1 - " says XXX " ...

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    Produkt design Berakhir left

    Ich benötige jemanden, der Dinge wie zum Beispiel Tiere auf Fotoshop ausschneiden und mit einem Filter versehen kann. Gegebenenfalls eine Sprechblase mit Veränderbarem Text hinzufügen.

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    Creat logo Berakhir left

    I need designer who can creat logo of company. We have layot (logo sketch). Just draw logo in Fotoshop(CorelDraw etc.)/All details are discussed/

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    I run a Maria DB (10.3.15-MariaDB-1). In this DB, there are two tables, say a and b. there are the following columns in both tables: - id (unique) - timestamp (e.g. 2019-11-15 02:39:31) - pattern (text and numbers mixed, approx length 10 chars, more or less) The tables consit of 100'000 to 150'000 rows each. The task is the fill data into a new table, say ab, as follows: Parameters: - ...

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    Python script to find lines in .txt files with identical 2nd word, but different 1st word background: inside a directory, there are 1 or more .txt files each text file could have up to approx. 2 million rows. each row has only two (2) strings ("words"), separated by one empty space " ", for example: abcde 0123456789 gfhi 56789 kighhtttsyy ghghgjgkglg need: find and extract th...

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    Windows program that allows user to set a custom hotkey that when pressed will copy to clipboard text from a target text document on the hard drive. The program GUI will display the current text copied to clipboard and previous text copied to clipboard. The program must also allow the user to automatically convert certain characters in the text document to a different character in the clipboard. ...

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    Make “ABCDE” scale = 4 ## Letter A [login untuk melihat URL] ( ) # Point upwards to begin [login untuk melihat URL] ( [login untuk melihat URL] ( ) + 90 ) [login untuk melihat URL] ( 20 ) [login untuk melihat URL] ( 10 * scale ) [login untuk melihat URL] ( 70 ) [login untuk melihat URL] ( 1 * scale ) [login untuk melihat URL] ( 70 ) [login untuk melihat URL] ( 10 * scale ) [login untuk...

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    Wir suchen ein Freelancer oder Freelance-Team, das/die folgenden Arbeiten übernehmen könnte: 1. Professionelle Gestaltung von Flyern, Angeboten auf PDFs (Programme Fotoshop oder Indesign). 2. Gestaltung / Content von einem monatlichen Newsletter 3. Text: Wöchentlicher Blog verfassen zu verschiedenen Themen im Bereich der Resilienz, Stressmanagement, mentaler Stärke, Selbstmanag...

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    Editare fotoshop ,aranjare video/foto mix ,prezentări seminare stores!

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    I need a logo. Resize some pictures Help with some photoshop pictures.

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    fotoshop editing Berakhir left

    We are a clothing company in Italy, we are now selling online, pictures have been taken, and we are now recruiting studios or individuals for post-processing of pictures. sample images can be downloaded from the project location, for a total of four. Requirements: Format jpg, size: 2048*2048, single picture no more than 1mb,Images need to be processed for contrast, color, and clothing details. Sam...

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    design and logo with fotoshop

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    Salut !!! Valeriu recomended you... am nevoie sa mi se faca fotoshop la 10 poze.. ai putea sa ma ajuti te rog !! Merci anticipat

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    necesitamos editores de fotografia en adobe ligthroom * NO FOTOSHOP, por que se ocupara el archivo original de ligthroom, buscamos para trabajar de forma permanente mensual. ver link de fotografias ejemplo a retocar -- [login untuk melihat URL] --- info al whatspp +50499180090

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    face swap fotoshop Berakhir left

    i want the face of the boy in white t shirt on the boy in black

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    Fotoshop a face Berakhir left

    On the photo with 2 boys i want to get the face replaced of the left boy with the face of the other boy in de second photo

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    17 penawaran

    Go wild, I have made the value low as I will award multiple entries at the end that I like and plan to use. I want a generic business card made, I work across multiple companies so I don't want a company specific one, things I would like on there: my name: Jake Miles email address: abcde@[login untuk melihat URL] phone: 0412 345 678 I will send through my updated details to the winner of ...

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    410 entri

    требуется талантливый творческий веб дизайнер.

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    11 penawaran

    I have a new templated website. The template is filled with information that needs to be removed, and updated with new one (for example, mobile number is 12345678 - it needs to be a real one, email is abcde.@[login untuk melihat URL] - it needs to be removed and updated to a real one)

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    Hello, I´m looking for a designer for my t-shirt project. I need 10 designs. You have to take care not to hurt copyrights. Just new designs. The designs are 4500 x 5400 px and 300 dpi. I need .png files and files for gimp or fotoshop. I need designs just for black shirts. Transparency background. I want an egg , with 2 legs, funny shoes (sneaker), hands in gloves. The eyes not on top , they...

    $12 (Avg Bid)
    39 entri

    Hello, I´m looking for a designer for my t-shirt project. I need 10 designs. You have to take care not to hurt copyrights. Just new designs. The designs are 4500 x 5400 px and 300 dpi. I need .png files and files for gimp or fotoshop. I need designs just for black shirts.

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    Dark Creed Berakhir left

    Good afternoon I am on the verge of starting a business for the purpose of upholding one’s dignity, civil rights and liberty; and thus supporting my clients (victim's of wrongdoers) with civil and criminal prosecutions with a view to bringing those accountable to justice. Instructions 1) The image needs to have a medieval appearance (Lord of the Rings/Victorian fashion sense) with...

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    27 penawaran

    We are in need of 5 separate 3D images of our products features and how it function. There are 3 variations of the one item that each need their own image with dimensions shown. Plus 2 images showing how the product functions. We need images in 2 sizes: 1500x1500 pixels & 300x300 Font used in the images must be 16point Please review the attachments below for more information about product...

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    Per delle foto di posa occorre modificare luce aspetti e contorni con fotoshop

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    13 penawaran

    . Contents of request · Creating a database that automatically updates with the original scraping tool and API and building a cloud environment · The above test design (unit test - connection test - comprehensive test - acceptance test) · Immediate use environment construction of the above tools (server selection, program operation verification etc. · System monitoring ...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Project Berakhir left

    Hi, I need a logo design for a candy shop. it used to sell cupcake and almond sweet. Please use "Abcde" 5 characters as the main title. and subtitle to be like "Abcdef Abcdef & Abcde" The design should be creative and light.

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    Part A and B Part-A. Basic SQL Dataset: ComputerStore The schema is as follows: ComputerStore manufacturers code, name products code, name, price, manufacturer The manufacturers table stores information about computer parts manufacturers as the manufacturer code and manufacturer name. The products table stores information about product as a product code, product name, product’s price a...

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    Есть существующие каталоги и дополнительные фото необходимо изьять с сайта закупки.Каталоги необходимо разрезать, далее на них выставить информацию по составу одежде и цене. Формат фото необходимо преобразовать для мобильной версии формат pdf. Необходимы навык работы с pdf и fotoshop.

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    i make awings and i need program for to make art impressions or someone can make this with fotoshop with logo from the brand on the awing

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    6 penawaran

    Will change photos and match the faces with other bodies

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    Hey freelancers, Please start your message to me with abcde. I am trying to create custom order handlers for a software called nicehashbot to manage my orders on [login untuk melihat URL] with C# DLL. I would like to create my own order handlers to adjust maxprice, speed limit and to stop orders based off my custom calculations. Please refer to the example here for an idea of what that entails...

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    vtiger webhook Berakhir left

    I need a vtiger 7 custom function written that can be called from a workflow and will create and POST a url like [login untuk melihat URL] The parameters invokerCode, arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4 and arg5 need to be looked up from the Assets and Opportunities modules. [login untuk melihat URL] will return {"code":"OK"} if successful or an error message like {"message":&q...

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