Hosting and WordPress Plugins RECOMMENDATIONS to inform prototyping and design

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Deskripsi Kontes

What combination of HOSTING and WordPress PLUGINS will best achieve the following project requirements:

1. webpage (desktop / laptop / tablet / mobile) Australian user experience

2. user has choice of Causes (e.g. Save Kangaroos, Save Emus, Save Koalas etc)

3. user can register sign-up information for a Cause via (a) social media or (b) email and p/word (with email activation); then be directed to fill out fields for the Cause (about 20 customisable fields, including upload PDF, images and video files)

4. so essentially populating a backend database

5. other form features: (a) multi-page with progress steps and/or progress bar; (b) partial form completion; (c) conditional logic; (d) anti-spam (Capatcha?); (e) other good form add-ons??

6. users can login in different sessions to their registered account via (a) social media or (b) email and p/word to view list of Causes they have subscribed to; can then select a specific Cause and view all field details for that Cause as well as edit and update its fields

7. pathway for user to donate money to support a Cause: (a) donate in the form sign up process for a Cause (payment Gateways via PayPal and/or Stripe?) and (b) website embedded GoFundMe crowd-funding widget

8. some images (at least 6) and embedded YouTube channel (1 or 2) will likely be on home page; it is noted this will have impact on page load speed

9. page load speed needs to be FAST (ideally less than one second)

10. there could be more than 10,000 simultaneous users (website content is stable but user interaction via database is dynamic)

11. website served locally to Australia not globally

(1) Want to avoid being ‘captured’ by IT services people: so not reliant on a coder / dedicated developer or small operation hosting company. Use stable, off-the-shelf solutions rather than original coding (reinventing the wheel), mindful of impact on page loading speeds.

(2) WordPress as CMS (PHP) because stable / common / well developed plugins? / easy user signups?

(3) Popular WP Forms and Gravity Forms say they do not have social media registration built-in. Can there be a connection to a WP Social Media plug-in which directs to best Forms plugin?

(4) Some CSS customisation (mostly design?), mindful of impact on page loading speeds.

(5) Assume Wordpress API with plugins enabled using DIVI Theme and some extra code. You are welcome to suggest themes (but this is designer role).

(6) Prototyping with Adobe XP or Figma (designer’s choice).

WHAT’S BEST HOSTING SOLUTION? Am thinking AWS (if you agree say why) but welcome you to recommend alternative hosting. May also discuss VPS. Server must be located in East Coast of Australia (such as Sydney).

What do you estimate pricing range of hosting / VPS could be?

What best WordPress Plugins:

(1) FORMS (ideally with social media registration; (a) multi-page with progress steps and/or progress bar; (b) partial form completion; (c) conditional logic; (d) anti-spam (Capatcha?); (e) other good form add-ons??)
(2) Donations & Payments
(3) Notifications
(4) Speed up platform? (minification? etc)
(5) Security
(6) Backup
(7) SEO
(8) Other plugins??

Provide your RECOMMENDATIONS in private message PDF or MS Word to me. Register for contest with random image file GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG.

ALSO SAY IF YOU ARE ABLE TO BID ON THE DEVELOPMENT. Prototyping and design will likely be assigned to a specialist who can then handoff to developer.

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