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Deskripsi Kontes

Graphic Design for company Logo & Product logo & website Front/Home Page for HUB-EKO - Software Products & Services company.

!!! Coding/programming NOT required.

Unique graphic by an artist expected.

- NO SLIDERS !!! - NO Wordpress Templates or Themes or reproductions

- FLAT STYLE - 3D Minimalist, Original

- 1-2 maximum main colors (pure white not counted so can be in addition) and max 2 - 4 shades/variations for each main color

- Processed background (not real images)

- a far, distant, even very distant but still a member of the Microsoft Metro Styles, logos, start-ups, product pages, etc

- big typography for logos - spacious integrated design not overloaded.

- One font, Segoe UI, (Light, Semilight, etc)

- being my first Start-up, although on a small budget, needs to make an impact.

Page Structure:

S1. Either - scrollable with 3 screens/sections OR one screen with full menu.

S2. Top/main screen 1 contains:
S2a) Navigation Menu -
for scrollable - optional or missing or short 2 links for contact and about
for one screen - 5-7 main menu tabs/titles/etc -
the page structure/design will dictate it so let your imagination work.
S2b). Company Logo - some corner, a small scale compared to the products
S2c). 2-3 areas or spots or columns for the 2 products + services.
Biggest icons/logos/graphics/typography/etc with a short/impact description + "more" and "download" (can be icon instead of text) links.
S2d) Background graphic, technical feeling message, etc in the far distant plane, a structure in the middle plane and the S2C) in the front plane, closest to the user.
Ideally the S2c) has more than one plane so it's flat like 3D on its own, with the more distant plane more technical and the front one business, neat like.
S2e) 1-2 main colors with max 2 shades, variations for each.

S3(scrollable only) Screen 2 - 70% - Bizitator (P2) product more details page with sections for text, screenshots all with titles.
30% - Deploytor (P3) product more details - very brief.
Can be either vertical or horizontal split, it will be responsive anyway so all the columns will show on a mobile display as vertical rows.

S4(scrollable version only Screen 3 - Development services (P4) and footer contact/company details area/ facebook/etc area.

Description of my Products for you to understand:

!!! I don't want the following to be written on the actual design, it's for you.

P1 - 80% of Company Products and Development Services target the MS Sharepoint Platform, version: Sharepoint 2010, Sharepoint 2013, Sharepoint Online and Office 365.

P1a) - My company is 55% a Product Creator and 45% a coding / development services provider.

P1b) - check the web pages of sharepoint development providers, start-ups, etc and sharepoint product creators - startups or with tradition in creating apps, web parts or complete solutions.

P2 - product "Bizitator" which is a:

P2a) - Intranet Generator for Sharepoint - one click, wizard driven, website like, simplified business friendly Intranets.

P2b) - Business Applications Generator for Sharepoint - one click, wizard driven solutions creation for task automation, reporting, approval

P3 - product Deploytor which is a:

P3a) - Sharepoint specific solution & app packager & powershell deployment scripts generator.

P4 - Development services - web parts, usercontrols, complete solutions, off-site or on-site sharepoint configuration, administration and consulting.

Visual Message of the design:

M1 - Targets

M1a) - Business Clients - Managers, Users, etc

M1b) - Technical Clients - Software developers, System admins

M2 - Messages

M2a) - Deep technical savvy from the realm of C++ devs, Linux - background graphic maybe.

M2b) - Business user friendly, simple, easy, straightforward, useful.

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“Talented, Experienced, Professional Designer with Advanced skills, Focus on the concept, Fluent English, good communicator, responsive, available, helpful & willing to extend to multiple versions.”

Gambar profil workerprocess, United Kingdom.

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  • workerprocess
    Penyelenggara Kontes
    • 3 tahun yang lalu

    second screen from http://zurb.com/
    second screen from http://www.brightstarr.com/Microsoft-Sharepoint-Solutions/SharePoint-Intranet

    Some nice inspirations to work from or inspire from:


    • 3 tahun yang lalu
  • workerprocess
    Penyelenggara Kontes
    • 3 tahun yang lalu

    Uploaded my pencil Sketches for minimalist/3D Logo ideas for Hub-Eko and some basic idea for the connection between the logo and page structure.

    • 3 tahun yang lalu
  • workerprocess
    Penyelenggara Kontes
    • 3 tahun yang lalu

    Hub-Eko Logo -------- ----------- ---------- think about network hubs, modems, switches --------- take it to an abstract stage, minimalize it, get to the core of the idea and make it look like a current style logo - flat, with some 3D -------- look at MS Bing logo, MS Sharepoint 2013, MS Office 365 but process it a little more, they are too abstract ---------- - --------- Google "Hub Icon" and look at images ---------- select what you think might match my requirements and process it, make something new ----------- EKO - LESS important as message but the idea is economical ...

    • 3 tahun yang lalu
  • workerprocess
    Penyelenggara Kontes
    • 3 tahun yang lalu

    I will help with directing an original start/sketch. -------- --------- ---------- Start either -------- Logo / product presentation for Bizitator ----- --- --- and Logo for company - Hub-Eko - small, in some corner as any logo --- --- ---- --- ----- -- -- -- -- -- -- --- --- OR start with page structure + background .........

    • 3 tahun yang lalu
  • workerprocess
    Penyelenggara Kontes
    • 3 tahun yang lalu

    My Priorities: ---- ---- must be 1. Original ---- must be in 2. Trend with 2014/2015 original styles ---- must 3. "say" Business & Deep IT Technical ---- must 4. have 1-2 main colors and 2-3 variations for each ---- must 5. Segoe UI Font Family - light, etc and !! little !! MS Metro Feel ---- integrated, focused and aired not stuffed with many things ---- maybe, maybe Flat with some 3D or 2D+ & 3d ---- ---- looking for something original, feel free to experiment ---- I will add links ONLY later so I don't influence now the design

    • 3 tahun yang lalu
  • workerprocess
    Penyelenggara Kontes
    • 3 tahun yang lalu

    #1 - yongju723 ------------- PROBLEMS: ------------ 1. Top Slider - I mentioned NO Sliders, ----------- 2. Real images - NO real life images, no buildings, no people, etc ----------- 3. TOO Many Colors - images are adding extra colors & variations ----------- 4. Where is the 3D Flat/Metro Original Design style ??? ----------- 5. Top Menu looks OLD 2005 year style - wanted styles from 2014 and 2015. - READ the requirements

    • 3 tahun yang lalu

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