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I would like to create a timeline of an online course. I have a version 1 created for me by my VA but it is not quite right yet and I have some suggested changes which are too complex for her to do. What I want is something like the figure called 'target' but with my content and more colour. I have provided the icons mentioned in the attached zip file. I have also attached a section from my webpage with the blue, orange and green colours I would like to use (see also version 1).

Here were the instructions I gave to my VA:
Ideally I would like a more exciting graphic with some icons attached to each module so that it is not just a linear sequence of dots, like in the attached example from Mirasee (target).

You could use the icons in the attached (png and svg for each depending on what you need). I have labelled them by session. Where there are two options for a session, I dont mind which one you use - just choose based on appearance.

Could you change Module 1 to read "An introduction to Prosocial as an idea" as per the outline on the same page and Module 2 to be "The Prosocial process". Module 4 should be "Psychological Flexibility" and Module 5 should be "Building shared identity and purpose" Module 9 should be "Applying prosocial to your group" and Module 10 should be "Wrapping it all up"

Also I think that the assignments and team meetings would be better represented as call outs so that it is clear it is not an additional session. Assignment 2 should be after Module 5, also could you perhaps put as a call out or a separate symbol team meetings in between 4 and 5, 6 and 7; 8 and 9. The course involves 10 face to face sessions, 4 assignments and 3 separate small team meetings. Ideally I would like to represent all those on the timeline but if you think it is getting too busy, even moving out the team meetings and the assignments as callouts, just leave out the team meetings I suppose. You can see what I mean by call out in the Mirasee (target) example below. I have also included an icon you could use for team meetings if there was space, and one for assignments as well.

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    Please chick number : #17

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    Hey! Do check #12. Feedback appreciated

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    Please add your business logo and colour palette to the available files for our ease of reference. Thanks!

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    Hi, I am reading the description. I would like to know the format on which I should submit my work. Thanks.

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      Check my entry #3

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    Hello dear contest holder. I would like to know the dimension or size requirement for this image. Thank you.

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