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I'm developing an MBTI personality type-thingy website.
A little bit like www.16personalities.com, and I need the characters for each personality type.
I'll need a total of 32 animal characters. But for now, I'll go for 6 characters first to test if it's what I'm looking for.
If I take your design then I definitely let you draw the rest of the animals.
I have the types of animal ready. The characteristics of each type you can read from 16personalities.com, I put the link below.
All you need to do is interpret the personality traits & the specific animal characteristics and draw likable animals that reflect the personality, accordingly.

[For example, Beaver as Pragmatist may be holding sticks and wearing construction helmet because Beaver makes dams and Pragmatist personality is serious and realist.]

I want them in flat design style, fun cartoonish, and full body (Similarly to 16personalities) The files should be Ai.
You can copy the ideas from 16personalities but don't copy exactly, that would get me in troubles. Be creative!
If I like your style then, I'll let you finish the total 32 characters.

Here is the list of characters I want for this contest:
I name each personality differently from 16personalities. Please refer to the name.

1) Black Panther as ISTP (Virtuoso) [ solitude / enjoy crafting ]
(Maybe he is making something like a robot or simply holding a wrench)

2) Chimpanzee as ENTP (Trickster) [ clever / challenging / smart-ass ]

3) Deer as ISFJ (Nurturer) [ gentle / loving / polite ]
(Maybe a female, horn-less deer to look more gentle)

4) Elephant as ESFJ (Provider) [ sociable / caring ]
(Could be holding a present or a gift)

5) Seal as ESFP (Entertainer) [ showman / loud / funny ]

6) Beaver as ISTJ (Pragmatist) [ serious / always working ]
(He should be carrying sticks because beavers make dams)

Attached are the references.

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