Create a Kindle book cover and a digital representation of the cover on an iPad, both high resolution.

Deskripsi Kontes

Create a cover with the following title: Blood & Oak: A Dangerous Gambit.
Byline: “Garrett Bettencourt” In bright big white letters. Try to match the font of the example cover for Blood & Oak (filename: Bloodoak placement6) provided.

The “Blood & Oak” Title should use this artwork:

For the background, I’d like you to use the two characters at the bottom of the provided artwork ONLY (The two characters that are swordfighting). (file: one on the left is the hero of the story, and can be used exactly as it.

The character on the right needs a few light artistic edits:
• I’d like his sword to be the type of rapier shown in the example (filename: French Rapier).
• I need you to substitute the version of the character in the jpeg cover file (filename: BloodandOak Cover2 color). This version of the character on the right does not show a face (which is important).
• As much as possible, I’d like some changes to the character’s clothes to match the type of early 19th century smuggler clothes shown in the file (filename: Pirate Laffite). Currently, the character is in Ottoman Empire attire; I need him to look more like a French pirate of the early 1800s. At a minimum, adding a wide brimmed hat like that in the picture with a feather or something (think 3 musketeers) would be great.

Feel free to use any other elements of the provided assets or your own assets to complete the project.

Requirements of the project:
• The cover must fit Kindle publishing standards.
• I need the iPad cover mockup to be high resolution enough to look good in promotional pictures or banners.

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Umpan balik Pemberi kerja

“Khaetami kept following my feedback in the contest and submitting entries until he got it right. After I awarded him the contest, he worked with me to perfect the design. The cover for my book he came up with made great use of my existing artwork and followed my instructions to the letter. Great job!”

Gambar profil gbettencourt1, United States.

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  • luhcr8ive
    • 1 tahun yang lalu

    Can I still send my work ? :(

    • 1 tahun yang lalu
  • Saiful1025
    • 1 tahun yang lalu

    May I know why #9 got rejected?

    • 1 tahun yang lalu
    1. gbettencourt1
      Penyelenggara Kontes
      • 1 tahun yang lalu

      I've reconsidered all entries so comments can be viewed. View my feedback on the entry

      • 1 tahun yang lalu
    2. Saiful1025
      • 1 tahun yang lalu

      #18 with all the corrections you recommended. I will be waiting for your feedback

      • 1 tahun yang lalu
  • gbettencourt1
    Penyelenggara Kontes
    • 1 tahun yang lalu

    To all participants: Entries 2, 8, and 9, (as of this writing) are THE ONLY ENTRIES to have captured the two characters on the cover that I wanted. All the others included other characters my instructions asked to leave out.

    • 1 tahun yang lalu
  • khaetamiazizi807
    • 1 tahun yang lalu

    wait for me to get inspired

    • 1 tahun yang lalu

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