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Hi! It's Manish Tiwari. I have been working as a professional WordPress developer and in other related sectors for about 2 long years. Among thousands of specialists in this sector, what differs me from others is my problem-solving methods. My uniqueness in creativity and transparency in my work brings positive sights about me to my clients. All of my clients never remained unsatisfied with my works. Being an expert in PHP, CSS, or HTML and WordPress I annex adequate knowledge in maintaining websites. Furthermore, my efficiency in monitoring, supervising, and working as a team player in a project is quite impressive. I have also control over using JQuery and PSD2HTML and UI and UX designing, act as the additives in convincing the clients. For me, hard work is a must even when someone possesses all desired skills and I never show procrastination in it. So, if you think I am capable enough then hire me and let me serve you the best version of me. Thank You.

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