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Logo design

A memorable and unique logo design. Along with simple lines, colors and fonts to maintain the formal aspect of your business. If you want to make any modifications, or have any ideas for a more specific image, I will gladly answer to your request. Have a great day.

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  • liricah
    • 5 tahun yang lalu

    Thank you very much for your feedback. I will upload a modified version of this project.

    • 5 tahun yang lalu
  • iyanez89
    Penyelenggara Kontes
    • 5 tahun yang lalu

    The art looks more like a backhoe scoop. We want it to look more like a wheel loader scoop (check reference pictures). I see where you are going and will like to see it more like a wheel loader to appeal the website.

    • 5 tahun yang lalu