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Don't be one :/. Sorry, but the question is far too strange. If you do have 10 years developing stuff, you shouldn't be a fresher. You should've picked up good design principles and common patterns for software development and worked with a lot of tools.

Just pick up something, read its code and work with it. Should be no problem at all :).

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You should start doing it, and as you do it you'll stuck in some point then study and overcome the problem. Repeat and work.

And as you have experience you'll do well.

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Nitin Prakash
Nitin Prakash
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Try doing these
1. Complete you Freelancer profile (100%)
2. Showcase your past projects in your portfolio.
3. Fill out Experiences in your profile.
4. Fill out Certifications if you got any
5. Take Freelancer tests

If you complete all this, you will be definiteling the Employer's attention even though your profile is new on Freelancer

Thanks and regards
- Nitin Prakash

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