The 21st century will go down in history as the period where smartphones and the internet took the world by storm. People turn to their smartphones for a plethora of reasons such as entertainment, communications, business solutions, and a lot more.

Eljen Corporation Technical Specialist Scott Moore thought of developing an app to help solve his business woes. His company “develops Geotextile Sand Filters that are used in the drain fields of septic systems. They are used in the treatment and dispersal of effluent into the soil. The result is less contamination of the groundwater, longer system life, and a reduced footprint for the customer.”

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Contractors from all over the globe would contact Scott or other technical specialists from their jobs sites to do quick designs so they could get the field size and system requirement information for customer quotes.

“The hassle with designing a septic system over the phone is that we can’t view the landscape, so the contractor will have to take measurements to make sure our design fits inside the area and meets all setback requirements so we may have to perform more than one design per job site. The designs should also adhere to local state codes,” said Scott.

An Old Friend

Scott turned once more to his trusty comrade He found the platform through a Google search when he needed an illustration for a vinyl truck graphic design project.

“I contacted local colleges for help and offered to pay the student with the winning design but they were not interested. Then I contacted local graphic design companies but they wanted two weeks and $600.00 per design whether we liked it or not,” he added.

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For the app development project he had on Freelancer, he allotted a budget of US$2,400 and hired Tanzanian mobile app developer Alex Isaack.

Basically, the app would allow customers to make any modifications to the layout of their on-site measurements of the septic system, thus simplifying and speeding up the process. They would no longer have to ring Scott and his colleagues up for design needs. The app assisted them on how and where to install their septic systems.

Scott needed two different versions of the app: one for iOS and another one for Android. Fortunately, Isaac was familiar with both.

Through constant communications and tireless efforts on both ends, the project was completed in just eight days. Scott received both apps and was very pleased with Isaac’s service. In his review of Isaac, he said: “(Isaac) was an excellent problem solver, very quick turnaround time. Great job!.” He also left Isaac with a five-star rating.

A Long Way to Go

“We have released the phone applications to be Beta tested by a select group of customers. Immediately, we saw an increase in customer productivity. There has been a great deal of customer conversations since the introduction of the phone apps and our customers always want to know when I can implement the suggestions they gave me.”

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Like Scott and Eljen Corp., businesses can now modernize their solutions to any problem. By tapping into the potential of technologies and modern innovations, possibilities are endless.

Let Freelancer guide you to the solution! Hire the right talent for your project.

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