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International content marketing guide for 2020

Top 3 translation management software programs in 2020

If you create content in multiple languages it can be frustrating to manage all of your projects. We discuss the top 3 translator management software.
7 Feb 2020 • Bacaan 5 menit
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The best translator management software in 2020

When working with freelance translators, it’s essential that the entire process is seamless and free of errors.
Communication is the key to a successful translation project.
In this post, we will review the top 3 translation management software that will make working with your freelancer an enjoyable stress-free experience. 


Memsource is on a mission to make a big impact on the translation industry by making collaboration with freelancers as efficient as possible.
The platform allows business, translator agencies and freelancers to work together via the one CMS platform.
Top 3 translation management software programs in 2020
Figure 1: Memsource Software Source - memsource.com 

How does Memsource work?

Memsource is a cloud based software which allows you to work with freelancers anywhere in the world.
There is an option to download an editor to use on your computer if a translator prefers to work offline, or is located in an area with poor reception.
Once a project is created, freelancers and access it instantly via the editor interface (memsource).
What makes memsource particularly brilliant is its integration of Artificial Intelligence in order to cut down the time (and costs) of translation projects.
Whenever a freelancer performs a translation, the systems ‘learns’ that translation and stores it in its memory.
Next time a freelancer works on a project and comes across a similar phrase, the software translates that phrase automatically.
Here is an example of its machine learning algorithm in action:
Top 3 translation management software programs in 2020
In the far left column are all the entries that need to be translated. All translations are input into the second column.
Whenever you click on an entry requiring a translation, some suggested will populate on the right hand side.
Any translation beside a blue “MT” are translations made by the systems machine learning algorithm. These suggested translations are not perfect.

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The freelance translator would then fix up this suggestions and write a better version in column 2.
Every time a machine learning translation is amended, the AI algorithm learns from its mistakes.
WIth enough edits and iterations the software will eventually perfect certain phrases and word combinations and give a perfect translation suggestion on the right for the user to then copy and paste into column 2.
These perfect translations are indicated by a green “101” tag.
As the system learns and perfects its translation algorithm, there is less of a requirement for a translator to be hired for certain project segments
The system is capable of recognising non-translatable segments, or segments of text that do not require a human translator.
This allows project managers to hire translators only for the particular sections requiring translation, thereby cutting costs.


We loved the clean editor interface that prevents freelance translators from getting confused and wasting time figuring out navigation.
The AI translator helps cut costs and should eventually evolve to the point of not requiring human translators to be hired.
In the future the software should make translations and entirely orchestrated by Artificial Intelligence, which will significantly cut costs while increasing project completion speeds.


The software is sometimes overly confident of its translation abilities.
After a user translates a string of words, the system auto-translates all matching segments.
This isn't always done correctly which requires the user to spend extra time amending these mistakes. 

Wordfast Review

Wordfast has been perfecting its software alongside professional translators for over 20 years.
The platform attributes its growth to word of mouth marketing, which makes it a very promising solution.

How does Wordfast work?

The software uses a similar translation memory methodology as Memsoure, translated phrases are saved and then used to auto translate future recognised phrases.
After translations are completed, translators can run a quality check using an inbuilt spell checker.
Top 3 translation management software programs in 2020
There are spell checkers for just about every language, so your translators will always feel supported.
Translators are also able to save phrases in a glossary for their own personal development.


Wordfast is one of the few mac-compatible translation software solutions on the market.
You can also use it on a Linux system!
If you want to try the software without any commitments, they offer a free trial version.


The entire interface seems very archaic. Navigation is not very user friendly so it’s easy to get lost in all the processes if you are not accustomed to the platform.
Wordfast also does not utilise AI technology like Memsource. 
The best form of assistance the platform can offer is spelling and grammatical error suggestions via its inbuilt spell checker.
Translators are required to manually go over each of the suggested amendments after the completion of a project. 
Even though this added step is a safety net to ensure a high quality translation, it is quite time consuming. 

memoQ review

Top 3 translation management software programs in 2020

How does memoQ work?

MemoQ was created by translators, for translators.
The platform was developed to be as simple as possible for translators to navigate, allowing them to focus all of their efforts on what matters most - translating.
The memoQ platform is a great choice for businesses expanding their marketing efforts to a global scale (localization).
Content marketing efforts in multiple languages can be easily managed in one centralized platform, helping you maintain a consistent voice throughout all regions.

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Freelancers continuously applaud its extremely user-friendly interface. 
The platform was very obviously designed by seasoned translators that worked hard to alleviate the typical navigation struggles of end users.
Multiple teams, in different global locations can simultaneously work on the same project, so you can increase resources at any time whenever a deadline needs to be met.


It is not available on mac devices.
It also does not have an inbuilt AI assistant. Translators are still required to manually perform the translation process. 


When it comes to working with a translator, seamless communication is absolutely integral.
Thanks to the development of translator management software, it’s possible to maintain crystal clear communication with each of your translators regardless of their location.
Online translator management systems not only aid in communication, but they also allow you to manage your translation projects in the one platform, so there is no need to jump between multiple programs.
Of all the translation software solutions we reviewed, Memsource seems to stand out in its field in terms of innovation. 
It’s looking like the Memsource platform is leading the way to a completely AI powered translator solution in the future.
For businesses that prefer a tight hold on the reigns the memoQ platform is a good fit. 
The benefit to this platform is that you always have the option of expanding your translation efforts globally if you ever decide to pursue international marketing.
When deciding on which translation management software works best for you, consider the amount of projects you are likely to undertake on a weekly basis and whether or not localization is an option either now or in the future.
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