40 cool logo designs that still rock in 2021

The hidden meaning behind 40 of the coolest logo designs from the world's biggest brands.
May 28, 2021 • 8 minute read
Ruchi Bhargava @RuchiBhargava1
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For any business, branding is crucial for success. And for any branding effort to gain traction, the business needs a killer logo.

Nothing sticks in the customer psyche like a logo that resonates with the target audience. And to help you get some inspiration for your new logo, here's a look at the 40 coolest logos that are rocking the world right now.

Let's take a look.


40 cool logos designs to inspire yours

1. Apple

Apple logo

SpeakingWhen we're talking of cool logos, it's best to start off with the coolest of the lot. Apple's logo is considered to be one of the best logos around, and there's a lot of myth around what it represents. Whatever it is, consumers sure can't wait to get a bite.


2. I Love New York

I Love New York logo

Originally designed by Milton Glaser inat the back of a taxi in 1976, this ubiquitous logo has now become a synonym for New York tourism. It even has an entire song dedicated to it and it’s the source for the state anthem of New York.


3. Baskin Robbins

 Baskin Robbins logo

This international ice cream chain is as famous for its flavors as it is for its logo. Notice the number 31 hiding in plain sight,carefully represented between the B and R? That's the number of flavors the company offers. Also, look at the B and R again...do you see the cone and the scoop? Well, once you do, you'll never unsee it again!


4. Beats By Dre

Beats by Dre logo

This is easily one of the easily recognizable logos on the planet. The l “owercase b” stands for Beats, but it’s also forms a set of headphones resting on someone’s ear represents Beats, but on a second look, you can see that it also represents the headphones. The circle, of course, is the human head.


5. FedEx

FedEx logo

The FedEx logo was designed by Landor Associates in 1994 and makes unique use of the negative space between the E and the X. Just look at it, and you'll see the forward-facing arrow carefully tucked inside. Isn't that neat?


6. NBC

NBC logo

First used in 1956 to symbolize the company's foray into color programming, the NBC logo takes the form of a peacock, with its rich, colorful plume. 



VAIO logo

VAIO occupies a place on this list due to its innovative use of letters symbolizing technology. The V-A part represents analog technology, while the I-O represents binary 1s and 0s, the framework of all digital technology.


8. Picasa

Picasa logo

Anyone who has ever used this photo organizer app will recognize the logo to be a symbol for the camera shutter. But look at the negative space making a  pentagon...it signifies the 'Casa' which is Spanish for a house. Making Picasa a home for all your pictures.


9. Tour de France

Tour de France logo

Tour de France is one of the few events that no cycling enthusiast wants to miss. Its current, cycle-inspired logo was created by Joel Guenoun in 2002 and caught on quick. Notice the cyclist represented in the letter r in “tour: innovation at its best.


10. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola logo

Decidedly one of the most recognizable logos on the planet, the Coca-Cola logo has become synonymous with the soft drink industry. Carrying the legacy of a 129-year-old brand, this is one of the best examples of how 'cool' actually has no age.


11. Disney

Disney logo

Just thinking of Disney revives memories of Cinderella's Castle, which features prominently in Disney’s logo. After all, what else can better represent the doorway to a land of fantasy?


11. Warner Brothers

Two different Warner Brothers logos

The Warner Brothers logo has gone through many iterations over the years. But the fundamental elements have remained the same, with the shield and WB emblazoned on it. The latest two versions have been included here.


12. World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife Fund logo

Symbolizing the importance of protecting the innocent, the WWF logo is another one that's both cool and imminently recognizable. The Panda is symbolic of the innocence and vulnerability of nature, and rightly so. Let's face it, who doesn't love a panda?


13. The Museum Of London

Museum of London logo

The Museum of London’s multi-colored logo is reminiscent of the vibrant history of the city, as well as the nation. The colors tell of London's long history through wars, plagues, and fires, and how despite it all, the city has stood the test of time; cool indeed.


14. Tostitos

Tostitos logo

Ever since the brand started operations in 1979, the Tostitos logo has evolved through many stages. The two middle Ts represent two friends sharing a chip, and fun memories in the process. And look at the “I” closely…that dip does look tasty, right?


15. Target

Target logo

The Target bullseye is another logo that's beyond cool. Easily recognizable, wonderfully vibrant and oh-so popular, that the brand doesn't even need to add its name below the symbol anymore. Bullseye indeed.


16. Lego

Lego logo

Lego is yet another brand that has redefined cool. The bubble typography, the vibrant combination of red, white and yellow, the forward-moving slant of the letters...it all ensures that kids (and adults) the world over can't get enough of this brand.


17. Starbucks

Starbucks logo

The Starbucks siren has been luring coffee-lovers to its doors throughout the entire world. The double-tailed mermaid symbolizes the irresistible call of coffee...and the slight shadow on the right makes her just the right amount of human.


18. Nike

Nike logo

Another logo that oozes memorability, the Nike 'Swoosh' was originally designed by Carolyn Davidson, a freelance graphic artist, in 1971. Today, the logo has become so iconic that it has actually replaced the brand name in most products.


19. McDonald's

McDonald's logo

The McDonald's golden arches symbolize noticeability and contrast. Easily recognizable the world over, this is another cool logo that has redefined what branding should be. And we're lovin' it!


20. Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz logo

Oozing luxury from every facet, the Mercedes logo tri-star symbolizes the brand's presence over the sea, air, and land. One look at this logo, and you know what to expect: a class of cars that's apart from anything you've experienced before.


21. Pepsi

Pepsi logo through the ages

Pepsi is another soft drink brand that has redefined cool, and we love it. From the swirly red fonts to the All-American red, white, and blue globe, this is another cool logo that doesn't need a brand name to be recognized.


22. Chanel

Chanel logo

Representative of Coco Chanel's love of elegance, the Chanel logo has remained unchanged throughout its history, and with good reason. After all, it's rare to find a logo that's so apt, enduring and timeless.


23. Google

Google logo

We don't need to tell you much about this logo, considering everyone on the planet recognizes it. Clean, clutterless, and to the point, the logo gets its message across to those who know where to search for it.


24. Twitter

Twitter logo

Easily the most talkative cool logo on this list, Twitter's little blue bird doesn't need a brand name to go along with it. Who doesn't recognize this bird? We simply love the design and simple color scheme.


25. Amazon

Amazon logo

Amazon's logo is iconic and represents the broad product range that the brand offers. After all, where else can you get everything under the sun, and smiles to go along with it?


26. Adidas

Adidas logo

Another cool sports logo that has undergone multiple changes throughout its history, Adidas's cool sports logo and triple stripe distinguish it from other comparable sports brands.


27. LG

 LG logo

LG's logo can be described in one word: clever. Just look at the smiley face formed using the company initials. Also, the entire logo resembles an On button in appliances, which is what the company manufactures.


28. Cisco

 Cisco logo

Another cool logo design that's immensely clever, the Cisco logo's blue stripes represent an electromagnetic field. Also, it's symbolic of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the role that connection and networking play in our lives.


29. Nintendo GameCube

 Nintendo Gamecube logo

Nintendo as a brand is well known for its design genius, and the GameCube logo is no exception. The outer G and the inner C formed by the negative space spell out the initials of the brand, making it one of the cool gaming logos we love.


30. BMW

 BMW logo

Is it a propeller? Or is it a car wheel? Whatever it is, BMW's logo is one cool branding tool. Like the Mercedes tri-star, this is another cool car logo that's unmistakable the world over.


31. Unilever

 Unilever logo

The Unilever logo has undergone many changes, and this latest version represents the initials of the brand. But look closer and you'll find a range of symbols harking to some of their most iconic products.


32. Toyota

 Toyota logo

Toyota's triple oval design ensures that you can't miss the T. But the inner two ovals represent the overlapping of the company and customer, while the outer oval signifies the trust that binds them together.


33. Audi

 Audi logo

Yet another cool car logo, the four rings of Audi symbolize the four companies that originally merged to form the brand. It's also a reference to the 1936 summer Olympics in Berlin.


34. Gillette

 Gillette logo

Gillette redefined mens' grooming all over the world, and their logo is a great representation of that. Notice the careful play of negative space atop the G and I...see the two razor blades?


35. IBM

 IBM logo through the ages

IBM's striped blue logo is another cool logo that we have to mention. Just look at the many variations of the artwork, and you get a good idea of creativity at its best.


36. Superman

Superman logo 

Yeah, it's a comic book reference, but the big S emblazoned on Superman's chest has become the symbol of hope for those who love comics. And it's clever wordplay too... super...steel...you get it?


36. Friends

Friends logo 

Quirky, cool, and overall, fun. That's the mix the Friends logo brings to the table. This is the 90s TV show that broke the mold for sitcoms, bringing about an era where ensemble casts became the norm.


37. The X-Files

 The X-Files logo

Shady, secretive, and shrouded in mystery, the X-Files logo is everything the show delivered. And even though the revival was a bit bland, we can't help but include this logo in our list of the coolest ones.


38. Walmart

 Walmart logo through the ages

Perhaps the most successful retail store chain all over the world, Walmart's logo needs no introduction. Here's a look at its many versions over the years.


39. Microsoft

 Microsoft logo

The Microsoft logo has taken many avatars throughout its history. The present version works on the principle of keeping it simple. Just four colored squares forming a bigger square...even a child could recognize it.


40. Pittsburgh Zoo

 Pittsburgh Zoo logo

The tree is there...but also a lioness...and a gorilla. The Pittsburgh Zoo logo makes wonderful use of negative space to represent nature in subtle yet sure ways.


Final Words

That's all for now! We hope you've enjoyed this list of 40 cool logos that are still rocking even in 2021. If you think we've missed any, don't forget to comment and let us know.

And if you're ready to get the perfect logo created for your brand, why not post a contest and let designers from around the world put their best work forward!


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